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    Thank you for your post. The eDirectory distribution facility is designed primarily for solutions developed in-house by our customers. It was not originally intended that our commercial solutions, which require ancillary files such as manifest, license and often data files, be distributed using this feature.

    The problem arises because a local installation has been performed first, which is necessary for the copying of the solution manifest, licensing mechanism and any data files. However, a local install also copies the applet files onto the workstation’s local Applets folder and this is where duplication occurs when eDirectory is also used.

    The only way to rectify the duplication problem is to manually delete the applets from the user’s local Applets folder (or rename the local Applets folder etc. so Formativ cannot see them upon startup). Do not do an uninstall because this will remove the required support files. Alternatively, you could rename the registry key which identifies the local Applet path and point it to a new, empty or non-existent folder.


    Advansys Support