> While it is probably working as designed by Novell,
> it does mean there is no way to programmically
> display the categories dialog when a message is
> open. I can make an enhancement request to Novell
> in this regard. To assist in this regard, how
> important is having this issue resolved to
> your application?

Ok. Thank’s for your reply.
While GW6.5 have these Categories, most of my Users like
to use it and set it to all messages (Incoming, Outgoing,
Tasks, Appointments…).
If you work this way, it is a “pain” always switch to
the personalize tab, set the categorie and switch back
to the mail.
So I’m looking for an short-cut like <ALT>-C or an
Toolbar-Icon, but nothing found, and then tried to call
the Token with Formativ.

If you do an enhancement request to Novell, I think it’s
better to request a Short-cut and Toolbar-Icon instead of
changing the Programming-Interface (Token-API / Object-API).

Now I have to write my own dialog with Formativ 😉