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    We’ve installed and tested Formativ here with IE7 but have not found similar issues. We’ve used it in both local mode and using eDirectory libraries and tested Formativ Portal operation. What is also unusual, your post is the first report of potential problems with Formativ and IE7 that we have received.

    Perhaps it is related to a change in a security level introduced by IE7? While it wasn’t related to Formativ, we found we had to change some advanced trust settings for the local Intranet zone in the Internet settings, otherwise we couldn’t run anything from the network without getting an ‘untrusted application’ warning. We had to add the file server path to the Advanced trust settings for the Intranet zone. Some .NET applications would not run from the network until this security setting was changed on the workstation, even though the Windows .NET security Wizard was previously used to set full trust to the Intranet zone. There may be another way to achieve this outcome but we have not investigated further.

    What do you mean by no solutions are found? Are there any error messages? Are your applets stored on a local drive or in a network location?

    On the system which no long works with Formativ, please send us the Formativ configuration information by selecting the GroupWise client’s Help menu, select About Formativ, select the Configuration tab and use the Copy to Clipboard button, then paste the config info into an email to support@advansyscorp.com.


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