ok i try to explain with more details.

The basic function of the applet is to start a UI to create a task. The fields to insert information for example
Subject, Bodytext are empty. This works fine. Now i want to enhance the applet with following functionality:
When i start the applet inside a mail which is currently active (viewed) read the subject and the bodytext, start the
UI and insert the subject and bodytext into the fields. With the code below i can determine what type of message it is (if i am right), but i cannot check the status of the mail if it is currently active (viewed). Only when it is currently active it should read the subject and bodytext to insert it, else open a empty UI.

‘ If Type = Mail read Subject and Bodytext
Set SourceMsg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage

if (SourceMsg.Classname = “GW.MESSAGE.MAIL”) then
SourceSubject = SourceMsg.Subject
SourceBodytext = SourceMsg.Bodytext
end if

Thanks again for help.

Best Regards