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Thank you for your enquiry.

The successor to Message Viewer has not yet been released. It is a major update to the current release (see point 4 below). If you are interested in previewing a beta of Message Viewer 2.0, please write to support@advansyscorp.com.

1) It should be possible to save one or more messages in a shared folder. See this post for the known alternatives for doing this. The blank box titled “Formativ Business Solutions” has not been reported previously. Does this occur persistently if you try again for a few attempts? Is the shared folder outgoing or incoming?

2) It is not possible to add/remove columns from the item list in Message Viewer. The From/To column may be included in a future release. To find a message by sender/recipient, use the Find feature which searches all textual parts of message files (not only the body). You may wish to review our archiving product, which does support this feature.

3) Message Saver will prompt for a folder/file name if you configure it as follows.

  • Hold CTRL down as you start the solution to enter Configure mode.
  • Place a check mark at Manual Save mode (ask for a file name when saving each message).
  • Click OK.

4) Reply and Forward will be available in Message Viewer 2.0, and will work with any MAPI-compatible email client, eg. Outlook, Outlook Express. If GroupWise is installed and the current login is the account from which the message was saved, then GroupWise will be used to forward/reply to the original (not saved) GroupWise message.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support