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    The Stationery applet you have downloaded is part of the Applets Focus (http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_appletfocus_002.htm). Most applets in the Applets Focus pack are example applets (open source) so that developer can extend its functionality even further.

    The above Formativ Configurations shows that you have Formativ Runtime installed. Formativ Runtime can not execute the open source applet, you need Flexalock version of the applet. Formativ Studio and Creator can be used to modify a Flexalock Applet’s client integrations and convert an open source Applet to a Flexalock Applet.


    We have just purchased the formativ package that include the admin and runtime 2.0

    I am guessing from your message above that your organization has the Formativ creator or studio. You can use the studio or creator to Flexalock the Stationery applet. See the Flexalocking Applets section in ‘Formativ Studio Users Guide’ for more information. Once flexalocked, copy the flexalock version and save in the desired workstation default Formativ applets folder, usually c:my documentsadvansysformativapplets.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support