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Sample code: http://beta.advansyscorp.com/COM-component-example.zip

Zipped folders above contains COM component written in Visual C# 2008 and a Formativ Applet which will call the component.

Setup steps:

  • Download and unzip the folder above.
  • Save ‘…Advansys.COM.ComponentCOM-tester-applet.vbf’ applet to default Formativ applets folder, usually: “c:Documents and SettingsUSER-NAMEMy DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets”
  • Register ‘…Advansys.COM.ComponentbinDebugAdvansys.COM.Component.dll” using regasm. See thread above for more information.
    Example: C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv1.1.4322regasm /codebase “c:tempAdvansys.COM.ComponentbinDebugAdvansys.COM.Component.dll”
  • Start GroupWise and execute ‘COM-tester-applet’ applet. You can execute the applet from Formativ IDE or GroupWise toolbar.
    – A dialog will be displayed to enter employee name & date of birth.
    – Once you press OK button, information entered will be displayed in messagebox.

Hope this helps.

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