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We tried this token as well and couldn’t get it to do anything. It looks like this token may be broken as well, or we might be calling it with incorrect parameters. I notice the Token documentation (http://developer.novell.com/ndk/doc/gwtoken/gwtokens/data/h8h668yx.html) states


DocIDStr in the form Domain.PostOffice.LibraryBig Grinoc#.Ver# for ObjectAPI reference: LibraryID: Doc#.Ver#. The DocIDStr is a subset of the object DocumentVersion.ODMADocumentID in the ObjectAPI.

I’m not sure if this means you need to use the ODMADocumentID property of the current version.

I’ll ask Novell about this one – unfortunately it looks like it could be a bug in the GroupWise client. Which version of the client are you using?


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