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We are currently researching the issue. We have been using Win2K for a long time, including our main demo system, and there must be other factors at work here. As we cannot yet reproduce the problem, we suspect it is related to a rights issue, although as you are the admin user, it is rather puzzling. We need to gather more information.

Under normal circumstances, the following step is important:

Highlight the library and, by using the ‘Trustees of this object’ option, add the FormativAdministrator Organizational Role object as a trustee of the library. Enable the [Entry] Browse, Create, Delete, Rename, Inheritable and [All Attributes] Compare, Read, Write, Inheritable rights to the library object.

From the LDIF output, it appears that you have performed this step for the Global Applets library but not the Applet Development Library. However, you appear to have Admin rights so this should not be an issue. Are you unable to administer both the Global Applets and the Development libraries?

When you run FormativCentral, in the applet list are you able to see the ‘hammer’ icon next to the name of the applet library?

What happens if you move the FormativAdministrator role into the Formativ OU?

I will write to you directly on this matter to see if we can further troubleshoot the issue. Considering you need to do a demo today, we may need to provide you with an online Webex support session to see the issue first-hand.

Best regards,

Advansys Support