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Encoded applets were originally introduced in Formativ 1.0 to for exclusive use by the Runtime (Client) version. Encoding an applet secures and hides the inner workings of the original open source applet. With the introduction of Formativ 1.5, all versions of Formativ can execute Encoded applets.

If you are using Formativ Admin 1.0, you need to download the source code version of the applet.

I have included some general information on this topic from our website below:

Which Formativ product do I need?

I just want to run pre-written Formativ solutions.
Use Formativ Runtime (or Client), which is a low cost engine used to run an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.

I want to create and modify Formativ solutions.
Use Formativ Developer, which is a low cost tool for building and running your own GroupWise solutions powered by Formativ.

I want to create, modify, securely manage and distribute Formativ solutions.
Use Formativ Admin, which enables you to create, run and securely manage/distribute Formativ solutions via Novell eDirectory/NDS.

Note: When released, Formativ 1.5 will supercede Formativ 1.0 products.