Support 2

    We are not aware of any problems with our software which would explain the problem. However, there are various issues which can cause this symptom.

    Firstly, it is normal for GroupWise to send an HTML formatted message with a TEXT.htm and IMAGE.GIF or .JPG attachments. This is how GroupWise parses the HTML components within the MIME.822 file which is created upon saving as draft or sending the message via the client.

    Rendering the received HTML message can depend on the email client the recipient is using. For example, certain clients will not allow rendering of HTML due to optional settings (GW has this option too). It may also depend on the formatting of your HTML within your stationery file.

    There is a chance it may also depend on the version of GroupWise that you are running. Which version of the GroupWise Client do you have?

    In any case, the best way to eliminate our software from the equation is to simply create a new (empty) GroupWise HTML message and then manually add text and images. Send this to the same recipients who are experiencing the problems. If the same results occur, then it is a GroupWise or the recipient’s email client issue.


    Advansys Support