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The menu context for RemoveMenuItem changed in GroupWise 6.5.1. We will update the applet on Cool Solutions very soon. In addition, we will update the documentation on RemoveMenuItem in our Formativ Language Guide.

Here is some sample code that works with all GroupWise versions.

  dim iText

  iText = "Disable (File | New | Document) menu items on the GroupWise client menus?"
  if (msgbox(iText, vbYesNo, "Enable/disable menu item") = vbYes) then
    ' GroupWise 6.5.1 or later uses the short menu path.
    if (GroupWise.EnvVersionName >= "6.5.1")  then
      call GroupWise.RemoveMenuItem("GW.CLIENTFileNewDocument")
      call GroupWise.RemoveMenuItem("GW.CLIENT.WINDOW.BROWSERFileNewDocument")
    end if
    call GroupWise.ResetMenuItems
    call GroupWise.EnableCommand(858) 'AddNewDocument()
  end if
  call msgbox("Restart GroupWise to see the changes.")

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