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We haven’t use the ADDON feature to install Applet. Based on the Novell documentaion (http://www.novell.com/documentation/gw55/index.html?page=/documentation/gw55/gw55cls/data/a3sf9g7.html), you should be able to install multiple components using AddON. You need to create ADDON.CFG file for each component, create subdirectory and place the installer. Please read the link above for more information.

You can download a sample ADDON.CFG file from the link below:

We usually recommend to use the Formativ Applet Library. Advansys Formativ is a fully eDirectory/NDS aware application that can be centrally managed using either Novell’s NWAdmin or ConsoleOne tools. These are the same tools used by GroupWise and Netware administrators around the world to manage their networks, so administrators will be instantly familiar with the Formativ management environment. Please see the link below for more information:

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