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Support 1a

Unfortunately I still am unable to reproduce this problem.

Just to confirm, when you select Accounts|Send/Retrieve|GroupWise Options you would normally see a dialog with the title “Send/Retrieve” appear. I assume you never see the “Send/Retrieve” dialog appear?

The ‘Accounts|Send/Retrieve|GroupWise Options’ action you describe is not ‘hooked’ by Formativ, so it is very difficult to say how Formativ may be causing this behavior.

I would suggest you close GroupWise, open the Windows control panel and activate the ‘Advansys Formativ’ options applet. On the general tab, uncheck the ‘Command Blocker’ option, close the applet, restart GroupWise Remote and try the ‘Accounts|Send/Retrieve|GroupWise Options’ sequence again.

If this fails, it might be worthwhile trying to setup a new remote account and see if the problem persists. If it does, try another PC if possible, as there could be an issue with your machine or client installation.

Please let me know how you proceed.

Advansys Support