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Thank you for your response. I’ll try and be a little more descriptive on what I am trying to do.

1. I’ve used Windows BrowseForFolder API calls before, and Windows has the option of having a “New Folder” button along with a “Folder:” edit control to create new folders inside of the BrowseForFolder Dialog. (You can see an example of this functionality by going to “StartSearchFilesFoldersLookInBrowse…”)
Is it possible to get that same functionality with your SelectDirectoryDlg Object?

2. I am storing the users last used windows directory loction in the registry. When opening the SelectDirectoryDlg object, I would like to set the .root to “c:”, but then automatically expand to the users last used directory. I have been able to do this using Windows API calls, and am just wondering if there is a way to do it with your SelectDirectoryDlg object.

My assumption in all of this (probably incorrect), is that your SelectDirectoryDlg object is actually a call to the Windows API BrowseForFolder object.

I thank you again for any assistance that you are able to provide!

Joe Hruska