Support 1

Here is an example that removes the Document item from the File | New menu, and accounts for the new menu context in GroupWise 6.5.1:

  dim iText

  iText = "Disable (File | New | Document) menu items on the GroupWise client menus?"
  if (msgbox(iText, vbYesNo, "Enable/disable menu item") = vbYes) then
    ' GroupWise 6.5.1 or later uses the short menu path.
    if (GroupWise.EnvVersionName >= "6.5.1")  then
      call GroupWise.RemoveMenuItem("GW.CLIENTFileNewDocument")
      call GroupWise.RemoveMenuItem("GW.CLIENT.WINDOW.BROWSERFileNewDocument")
    end if
    call GroupWise.ResetMenuItems
    call GroupWise.EnableCommand(858) 'AddNewDocument()
  end if
  call msgbox("Restart GroupWise to see the changes.")

The method EnvVersionDate is also available.

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