Support 1

    The online Help file entry on TListView does not indicate that there is a property like SelectedItems. This is true also for TRzListView.

    Here is a simple example which tests the ListItem property Selected in order to extract your guideline data from multiple selected items (assume MultiSelect = True) and displays them in a message box:

      dim I
      dim iArea, iGuideline, iNum
      dim iText
      with CDIP_FRM.ListView.Items
        iText = "Selected Items:" & vbNewLine
        for I = 0 to .Count - 1
          if .Item(I).Selected then
            iArea = .Item(I).Caption
            iGuideline = .Item(I).SubItems(1)
            iNum = .Item(I).SubItems(0)
            iText = iText & vbNewLine & iNum & vbTab & iArea & vbTab & iGuideline
          end if
      end with
      msgbox iText

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support