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    that is not really true. I have installed a running version of MessageSaverPack 2.01 on a local Windows XP and local on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. So you can forget this statement. I’ll try to setup the solution with the Citrix GuideLines. I think this will answer all of my questions. When not, i will ask again.


    But my problem with the setup of Formative Runtime with my Setupconfig File is still present. Some information for you, where the problem is:

    • FormativRuntime creates by default the folder “Documents and Settings<USERID>LocalSettingsApplication DataAdvansysFormativ1.0Config”
    • MessageSaverPack 2.01 uses this folder for the his Config files ‘Message Saver_Flexalock Locations.ini’ and ‘Message Saver_Flexalock.ini’. This two files contain the saving locations an other setting for MessageSaverPack.
    • We use roaming profiles. But the folder “Documents and Settings<USERID>LocalSettings” in a roaming profile will be ignored when “Documents and Settings<USERID>” will be written back to the server when the user logs out and the config for MessageSaverPack will be lost.
    • As a solution i want to redirect the ‘Local Config’ path in formativ runtime to a different location. This can be done by a setup config file as i read in the documentation. I have created a install file (see above) and installed the runtime. But after the setup only the path ‘Applet’ and the path ‘Data’ has been changed. All other paths in the configfile are ignored.
    • Question1: Why will the config for MessageSaverPack be saved in “…Local Settings…” and not in permanent directory of the profile?
    • Question2: What is wrong with my setupconfigfile?

    I hope you understand what i’m writing (SwEnglisch=SwissEnglish).
    Thank you for any further help.