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We have been looking into this issue. We have found one of our Windows 98 machines which still exhibits the problem and, at this stage, we don’t know why the problem ‘disappeared’ on a number of machines which exhibited the problem during GW 6.5 beta testing.

What we have found is that the problem appears to be related to the number of applets (with toolbar icons) and the GroupWise main toolbar settings. In our Win 98 machine with the problem, we can get it to ‘go away’ if the toolbar settings are set to:

  • Picture and selected text on the right; or
  • Picture only + Single row of buttons only.

The problem appears when we have Picture only + Multiple rows of buttons, if necessary.

To see or change your custom toolbar settings, right-mouse click the main toolbar and select customize toolbar.

We still don’t know why this problem only occurs under certain conditions. As it can be ‘avoided’ by changing the toolbar settings, it would appear to be a GW client problem. We suspect the same issue would occur if a standard C3PO included many icons on the main toolbar. Before we report the issue to Novell, we need to track it down and ensure it can be reproduced in a repeatable way.

For readers who have experienced this problem, please let us know if changing your main toolbar custom settings avoids the ‘incorrect GroupWise main dialog height’ problem.


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