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Thank you for the clarification. The Token API online documentation indicates that ItemAddMimeXField() was added in GroupWise 8.0. I would say you are correct: this new token probably is not yet supported in Formativ. You can use the following workaround:

Dim oMsgItem
Set oMsgItem = Groupwise.ComposingItem
if oMsgItem is Nothing then
  call Groupwise.NewMail
end if
set oMsgItem = Nothing
Dim iMsgID
iMsgID = Groupwise.ItemMessageIDfromView
Dim iSyntax
iSyntax = "ItemAddMimeXField(""" & iMsgID & """, ""X-WDRCrypt"", ""yes"")"
MsgBox GroupWise.ThrowToken(iSyntax, iReturnVal)

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Advansys Support