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    You can set the default save location (directory) through the Message Saver configuration. It is not possible to do this at install time.

    There are two ways to do this. You can distribute the configuration to every user, or you can make the configuration accessible from a network share.

    The Message Saver configuration is stored in two files:

    • Message Saver_Flexalock.INI
    • Message Saver_Flexalock Locations.INI

    You will find these files in the following directory:

    C:Documents and Settings[Windows user name]Local SettingsApplication DataAdvansysFormativ1.0Config

    To set up the required configuration, follow the steps below.

    • Use a test (or your own) machine to install Formativ and Message Saver Pack.
    • After restarting GroupWise, hold CTRL down as you start Message Saver to enter configure mode. The Configuration Settings dialog will appear.
    • If necessary, change the default settings on the Options and Attachments tabs.
    • On the Save Locations tab, create at least one location that will be available to all users. Ensure this location is selected, and click Default; a small arrowhead will appear, indicating that the selected item is the default location.
    • Click OK to save your changes.
    • If you wish to distribute the Message Saver configuration files (see above) to all users, do so by manual file copy, or using Novell ZENworks.
    • If you wish to use shared locations in your organisation, distribute only Message Saver_Flexalock.INI to all users. Move the file Message Saver_Flexalock Locations.INI to an appropriate network share, and edit the applet file Message Saver_Flexalock.vbf to use the shared INI file, as described in the Message Saver documentation.

    For more information, see the section Shared Locations Option in the Message Saver documentation.

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