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    1. We wish to send users an email on GW and on their reply of THAT particular message ( perhaps we could use the subject as the identifier) we want to load a form that formats their reply that is sent to us.

    You can use the Formativ “Mail – On reply” event and can display form, etc based on the message subject. See the “Developers Guide” for more information. You can view the available integrations from the Formativ IDE (Start Formativ IDE from the GroupWise toolbar, select an applet, click the Integrations tab, see Mail – Events). Once you set an event, you will need to re-start the GroupWise client.


    2. How can you deal with the users that do not login to Novell, but use their GroupWise clients, hence they do not get the applets?

    Formativ applets is based on the GroupWise client and need to be installed to the users machine. Applet can be executed regardless whether the user login to the Novell. Please provide more details if we misunderstood the issue.

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