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    thats wonderfull.

    Enterprise Calender Version 1.2.2 released 1.February 2006…

    Im very astonished that the All-Day-Event (released in Groupwise !!7.0.0!!) not realized is by advansys.

    We buyed the product “Enterprise Calender”. Without the All-Day-Feature the Enterprise Calendar is useless….. All Day events is the primary feature that we use and need (as other groupwise 7 user)

    At this time Enterprise Calendar for us is for the birds

    As we are professional users.. .the information
    “..We will let you know once we update the solution..” is no information.

    As i say – we have buyed the product and the product is not full compatible with groupwise 7.
    The information “..Novell GroupWise 6.5 or higher on the back-end…” is not enough. Tell us when the product is COMPATIBLE.

    please mail me at admin@wipark.com (please – not an anonymous mail)

    Michael Gombkötö