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Unfortunately I have to comeback with another issue:

With the latest GrpWise.exe (14. Dec) we can no longer open messages from shared folders – GrpWise just closes.

There is a problem with formativ and the following registry keys:
(I believe with other message types the problem persists)

If remove the key ‘…Advansys.formativEventsGW#C#OPEN and restart GroupWise the issue is gone for this session. Unfortunately this key gets recreated automatically and the problem is back on the next start.

Please note: The problem exists also if a user has local admin rights.

One time we have seen the following error message:
‘Exception: Access violation at address 02BAA1BA in module ‘formativ.dll’. Read of address 00000004, Context: GW.MESSAGE.MAIL Persist ID: GW#C#OPEN’