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    The stationery change the header en footer of the page. But m² é € wil not work in charset=iso-8859-1 how can i change this?

    We have updated the applet and sent to your email address. The updated applet lets you to specify the character encoding to use in the stationery.


    Where i insert a images. It will be apended to the email when I send it to a outlook 2003 acount, the email is auto set to plain text and not to html

    We haven’t had any report about this issue. Here are some suggestions:

    – Can you see the same behaviour if you send the email to GroupWise account?
    – Are you using the Stationery when you seeing this behaviour? If you are using stationery then can you re-produce the same behaviour without using the stationery (i.e. send html email with image).

    Advansys Support