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The GroupWise.CategoriesSetDlg method makes a direct call to the native GroupWise token CategoriesSetDlg. Formativ doesn’t perform any additional processing in this case, indicating this is the behavour Novell designed into this call.

I suspect it doesn’t work when a message is open because, like many native GroupWise commands, it maps directly to a GroupWise menu option. In this case, the standard GroupWise categories option is only available from the message context viewer. There is no menu option display the categories dialog once a message is opened. i.e you need to select the personalize tab, then press the categories button.

While it is probably working as designed by Novell, it does mean there is no way to programmically display the categories dialog when a message is open. I can make an enhancement request to Novell in this regard. To assist in this regard, how important is having this issue resolved to your application?


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