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I have created an applet and made it available as a toolbar button. But it doesn’t really apply when the user is composing a new message. It’s really only good for received messages. Is it possible to have the button only show on received items?

Unfortunately, its not possible. You can only set toolbar integrations for each message type (e.g email, task, etc). GroupWise does not allow to set toolbar integrations for different type of message (e.g. incoming, outgoing, draft, etc).

However, applet can check the message type and prompt user about it. For example, if user running the applet from composing message toolbar then applet can prompt and exit.


Essentially, I would like to duplicate the operation of showing the trash button. On the toolbar, the trash button only appears on items you have received, not items you are composing.

Unfortunately, its not possible. Trash, Forward, Reply, etc GroupWise toolbar buttons, its not possible to change the behaviour.

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