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How does GroupWise itself handle this? When I proxy to an account it doesn’t require me to login. It only requires that the other account grant me proxy rights. Is this functionality that is unexposed in Formativ? I am using the technique you described to export calendar items from a proxied account.

Is there a way to have the Account object change when you use the built-int proxy process in GroupWise? I am new to this development environment so this question may be odd. I am just trying to make this as seamless as possible. It would be nice to just click the proxy button at the bottom of the main groupwise window….add calendar items, edit calendar items with thier new status, and export them to a csv without having to use the multilogin. The security exists for this to occur without using multilogin, so why is it not possible to do it. It may be that it’s not possible to do it easily. I’ll understand that.

Thanks for your help and advice.

Scott Caldwell