Delete Attachments from Selected Messages solution use AddExistingMessage method of Message objects. See the GroupWise Object API documentation for more details. This method is available only in GroupWise 6.0, SP1 and later versions. The sample code below use the AddExistingMessage method to create a new message based on the selected message. You can update the new message properties (bodytext, attachments, etc) with references to the file locations of the saved or removed messages.

    ‘ Mainline processing
    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

    dim x
    dim oMsg
    dim oFolder
    dim oDraftMsg
    dim oNewMsg
    dim oRecipient

    set oMsg = client.clientstate.commandmessage
    set oFolder = Client.ClientState.SelectedFolder

    ‘ Create a draft message and set the subject and body text
    Set oDraftMsg = oFolder.Messages.Add(fgwDraft)
    oDraftMsg.subject.plaintext = oMsg.subject.plaintext
    oDraftMsg.BodyText.PlainText = oMsg.BodyText.PlainText
    oDraftMsg.BodyText.RTF = oMsg.BodyText.RTF

    ‘ Setup the recipients
    for x = 1 to oMsg.Recipients.count
    set oRecipient = aMsg.Recipients.item(x)
    call oDraftMsg.Recipients.Add(oRecipient.EmailAddress,,oRecipient.TargetType)
    set oRecipient = nothing

    set oNewMsg = oFolder.Messages.AddExistingMessage(oMsg.Sender.DisplayName, oMsg.Sender.EmailAddress, oMsg.Sender.EmailType, oMsg.CreationDate, oMsg.BoxType, 1, oMsg.Priority, 0, oDraftMsg, oMsg.ModifiedDate)

    ‘ Move the message to the selected folder if the messages enclosing folder
    ‘ is not the selected folder
    call MoveMessages(oNewMsg, oFolder)

    set oDraftMsg = nothing
    set oMsg = nothing
    set oFolder = nothing
    set oNewMsg = nothing

    End Sub

    ‘ Move message to a folder
    private sub MoveMessages(aMsg, aFolder)

    dim oEnclosingFolders
    dim oParentFolder

    On Error Resume Next
    set oEnclosingFolders = aMsg.EnclosingFolders
    if isobject(oEnclosingFolders) then
    if (oEnclosingFolders.count > 0) then
    set oParentFolder = oEnclosingFolders.item(1)
    if isobject(oParentFolder) then
    if (oParentFolder.FolderID <> aFolder.FolderID) then
    call oParentFolder.Messages.Move(aMsg, aFolder.messages)
    end if
    end if
    set oParentFolder = nothing
    end if
    end if

    set oEnclosingFolders = nothing
    end sub