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    One of our engineers has supplied the following code to save an item to the Work In Progress folder. Once saved, you could add a custom field using the Object API:

      dim oMsg
      dim iMsgID
      dim iFolderPath
      dim iCounter
      ' Save the composing message to WIP folder
      iFolderPath = groupwise.account.owner.displayname & "" &_
      ' Get the message ID from view
      iMsgID = groupwise.ItemMessageIDFromView()
      ' Some message with large attachments can take some time to save.
      iCounter = 0
      do while iMsgID = "X00"
        iMsgID = groupwise.ItemMessageIDFromView()
        iCounter = iCounter + 1
        ' Exit, if we do not get the proper message id
        if (iCounter >= 10) then
          exit do
        end if
      if iMsgID = "X00" then
        msgbox "Message ID not valid."
        exit sub
      end if
      ' Get the saved message
      set oMsg = nothing
      set oMsg = groupwise.account.getmessage(iMsgID)
      if oMsg is nothing then
        exit sub
      end if
      msgbox oMsg.subject
      set oMsg = nothing

    Another approach might be to attach a specially named and encoded file attachment to the draft message. The attachment would contain the ID information you need to associate with the message.

    The term ‘current message’ means either the message being composed, or the currently selected message.

    I am not aware of any fields you can access when working with a composing message that won’t be obtrusive to the user. In the past we have done similar things by adding encoding to the end of the body text of the composing message. I don’t know if this would be acceptable in your case.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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