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You generally need to work backwards when deleting items from a collection. Starting from the beginning, the value of Count decreases after each delete, resulting in some items being left over.

The following code should do what you want:

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

     Dim objAddressBooks
     Dim objAddessBook
     Dim objAddressBookEntry
     Dim iCount
     Dim x

     ' Get the address books object
     Set objAddressBooks = GroupWise.Account.AddressBooks

     ' Locate the address book called "Test Account"
     Set objAddressBook = objAddressBooks.Item("Test Account")

      iCount = objAddressBook.AddressBookEntries.Count
     for x = iCount to 1 step -1
      set objAddressBookEntry = objAddressBook.AddressBookEntries.Item(x)
     Set objAddressBooks = nothing

End Sub

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