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To read/write proxy access information, Enterprise Proxy must be able to log into any user in your GroupWise system. To access each account, Enterprise Proxy may need to know the connection settings used by the POA serving each user.

In many environments such settings are unnecessary. However, if you experience problems logging into user accounts, you may need to specify POA connection settings for each of the Post Offices in your GroupWise system.

1. Run Enterprise Proxy.

2. Select the Post Office object in the tree that requires connection settings to be specified.

3. Click the PO Settings… option on the left side of the dialog. The POA Settings dialog appears.

4. Specify either the IP address and port number of the POA, or the full path to the Post office.

5. Click OK to save your changes.

Once POA settings have been associated with a Post Office it is shown with a red icon in the system tree view. For example, in the figure below two Post Office objects are visible. The Post Office object labelled 1 (GWDEVPO) does not have any settings associated with it. The Post Office labelled 2 (GWDEVPO2) is shown with a red icon, indicating connection settings have been applied.

Note that specifying the direct path to the post office can result in significantly faster performance compared to specifying an IP address and port number.

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