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Support 1a

    Thank you for your post. Formativ using the currently authenticated session when using NDAP to access applet libraries in eDirectory. As you point out, the machine that doesn’t work is unable to locate an eDirectory configuration object for the currently authenticated user. As the log from the successful machine indicates you have a Formativ configuration object associated with your user object, I am confused as to why logging in as the same Netware user would not work. Are you logging as via the Netware client login when testing the different machine (as opposed to just logging into the workstation? Where on the network physically is the second machine located in relation to the workstation that works? (i.e. on a different subnet, etc?). Have you been able to try the same test on different workstations with the same result?

    We are able to provide a debug build that outputs more detailed information regarding the decisions Formativ is making when accessing eDirectory if necessary. let me know answers to the above and we’ll go from there.


    Advansys Support