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It sounds like the “user-defined” fields you added to the standard appointment view apply only at the user interface. That is, the GW view designer does not automatically define corresponding custom fields in the GroupWise Account or folders. (Note that I don’t have personal experience with this designer – I am guessing on this point.)

Assuming this is correct, then you will need to define “TableLinens” manually as a custom field, as per the example in my first response above. Then, to retrieve the “TableLinens” value from an existing appointment, use the approach suggested in my last response.

NB: It is not possible to add custom fields to a composing message that has not been saved into the GroupWise message store. The only way to add custom fields is via the Object API-based techniques.

As a result, I think you will not be able to use your custom appointment view to enter custom fields while composing a new appointment, though you might be able to use it to view/edit existing appointments.

You may like to email your applet to support@advansyscorp.com. We will take a look at the applet and if possible advise you on how to make it work.

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