Support 1a

    I would suggest you uninstall both the Message Saver Pack and Formativ Runtime first.

    Check to see that the following directory is empty: If not, delete (or rename) it:


    I noticed the following paths in your config data:

    AdvansysFormativ1.0Applets – (System)
    AdvansysFormativ1.0Data – (System)
    C:ProgrammiAdvansysFormativHelp – (System)
    AdvansysFormativ1.0System – (System)

    The only one with a drive letter designation is ‘C:ProgrammiAdvansysFormativHelp’. I don’t know why the others simply start with ‘Advansys’, but I suspect this may be a problem. It looks like the standard common application data folder location could not be determined during installation. These locations are determined by calling a standard function that is part of Windows. I have not heard of any problems with the locations of these foldering being determine on Windows 98SE before. I suspect you may have a problem with your installation of Windows 98SE.

    The only suggestion I can make at this time might be to install the latest version of Internet Explorer, and all available service packs, then try installing Formativ Runtime again. This process may install/update the system components required to allow the determination of these locations to be made. You would know if this worked by checking your Formativ configuration again – all the paths under ‘Location of Files’ should start with a drive letter.

    I hope this helps.

    Advanys Support