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    I figured it out, it was a bit of a Dooh! moment I think.
    At this client I tend to use two different eDir accounts, and I had missed one little thing on the more godly account(admin) I was mostly logged into eDir as, and I was logged into GW as akonecny (mearly a ‘super user’ account at eDir level)
    What I missed was doing the Associate for admin in the Config object

    as for the Applets object, I do see the object class with DSBrowse, so I might just have an issue with my ConsoleOne not seeing it in the ‘Other’ tab where it tends to show in other objects.

    fun thing is that I figured this out on only 3 hours of sleep, patching GWIA and WebAccess shouldn’t cause them to ABEND, but that was last nights late entertainment.

    Andy Konecny
    Ainsworth Inc in Toronto Canada
    “the latest is not necessarily the greatest”