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I received word from Novell this morning, who have confirmed two GroupWise bugs:

1) The send event is not fired when a posted task is re-saved. This only affects the ‘advanced’ method of intercepting the send event, used by Formativ. Novell have handed this over their ‘CPR’ team, so I expect this should be fixed fairly quickly.

2) The On Complete event fires twice when completing a posted (personal) task from the open calendar view. It doesn’t happen when you mark a group task complete, or mark either Group or posted tasks complete in other views. This problem exists in both GroupWise 6.0x and 6.5. Novell have already fixed this problem in 6.0.4. 6.5 SP1 is about to be released, and no other fixes are likely to be incorporated, so this one will have to wait for 6.5 SP2.

Novell will let me know when both of these are fixed, at which point I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m afraid there is not really anything we can do to help work around these problems.


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