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i tried again with a modified script and re-start the GW-Client with the following result.

When I created a posted, personal task with GW-UI and pressed the post button the messagebox comes up. But when i use my script to create a task it does not work. Integration GW-Main-Toolbar (Button), Task | Events | OnSend

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

if (GWEvent = “GW#C#SEND”) then

msgbox(“Send ” & GWEvent)


‘ Create the new task
set objTask = GroupWise.Account.Calendar.Messages.Add(“GW.MESSAGE.TASK”, 3)

‘ Set some properties
objTask.OnCalendar = TRUE
objTask.FromText = GroupWise.Account.Owner.DisplayName
objTask.TaskPriority = “9”
objTask.Subject = “My Task”
objTask.BodyText = “myTaskMessagetext”
objTask.StartDate = “03.07.2003”
objTask.DueDate = “03.07.2003”

end if

End Sub

And the other thing is, when the task is already created, i re-open the task, editing something and post again, NO event ON SEND occurs !!!

Regards …