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Thank you for your message. I would suggest you check the following:

1) Ensure name of the ‘FormativAdministrator’ role is spelt correctly. The process won’t work if the role name differs in any way from that shown above.

2) Ensure you have added your own User object to the ‘Security Equal To Me’ list of the FormativAdministrator object.

3) Ensure you added your user object to the list of library administrators as shown on the Library Administrators property page of the Applet Library object.

4) In the Formativ Applet Library object, ensure you have configured the property page ‘Trustees of this Object’ to include the FormativAdministrator Organizational Role object as a trustee of the library. Assign the following rights to the library object: [Entry Rights] Browse, Create, Rename, Delete, Inheritable; and [All Attributes Rights] Compare, Read, Write, Inheritable.

5) In your Formativ Configuration Object, ensure you have added the Applet library to the Applet library list.

6) Check the topic entitled ‘Step 5 – Assign eDirectory Rights’ in the Studio Users Guide to ensure you have assigned the appropriate rights to all the objects.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you still encounter problems after working through this checklist.


Advansys Support