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    If we understand correctly, you want to set “From” field of the sent message to the logged in user. For example, logged in user is “Test1”, he/she want to send a message and set the From field to “Test2”. You want to prevent this and make sure From field set to “Test1”.

    As you know, draft message From field can be changed in GroupWise client. However, its possible write a Formativ Applet and set applet integration to message OnSend event. Applet will execute when user press the Send button, where the applet will set the From field to the logged in user.

    If you have in-house Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) programming experience then you can write the Formativ applet. Otherwise you need to contact our custom development team (support@advansyscorp.com) or our partners (http://advansyscorp.com/resellers_formativ.htm).

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