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    If the Formativ Runtime is installed then you should be able to access the guide from Start – All Programs – Advansys Formativ Runtime. See the Formativ Distribution Resources (http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_distribution_kit.htm) for more information. Please see below a sample AddOn.CFG file:


    Using the GroupWise Add On Directory

    GroupWise 5.5 and 6.x users can take advantage of the GroupWise Add On Directory facility to install Formativ Studio, Creator and Runtime as part of a standard GroupWise client installation.

    To use this facility, you must create an ADDON.CFG file. The ADDON.CFG file is an ASCII text file that supports extended ASCII characters. The GroupWise client setup program uses the ADDON.CFG file to install additional components on users’ workstations, such as Formativ. The ADDON.CFG is specific to each program being installed. The required program files and the associated ADDON.CFG file must be copied to a subdirectory under software_distribution_directoryCLIENTWIN32ADDONS.

    During client installation, the GroupWise setup program will search the subdirectories under the ADDONS directory for any ADDON.CFG files. The setup program will then execute the installation program for that component using the settings specified in the ADDON.CFG. If an entry is missing in the ADDON.CFG file, the installation program will prompt the user for the required information.

    Full details regarding the use of the Add On directory can be found in the Novell GroupWise documentation.

    Sample AddOn.CFG file

    Two sample AddOn.CFG files are available for download from the Formativ Installation Resources Web page.

    The Runtime version is shown below. You may need to edit this file to suit your own requirements. Please see the Novell GroupWise setup documentation for full details on the use of the AddOn.CFG file. For full details on usage of the Formativ installer command line parameters, please see Command Line Switches.

    ; This section is used by the GroupWise client setup program.
    ; Install – Install executable, you should not change this
    ; Parameters – Parameters which can be passed to install (see Formativ Distribution documentation)
    ;/s Silent mode (must be first parameter)
    ;/r-<Code> Register application during installation
    ;/ro-<Code> Register application only without software installation
    ;/u Unregister application
    ;/i-<config file> Use the given config file to override default settings
    ;Command Line Notes:
    ;The /u (unregister) switch takes precedence over all other switches. If this switch
    ;is present all others are ignored and the product is simply unregistered. No other files are installed.
    ; Silent – You should not change this, it will
    ; be automatically appended to the parameters when a silent client install
    ; is performed
    ; Size – Installed size of the addon in kilobytes
    ; Workstation – Yes=Allow for a workstation install
    ; No=Do not allow for a workstation install
    ; The shipping default for Workstation is: Workstation=Yes
    ; Default – Yes = Default checked in list of components
    ; No = Default unchecked
    ; The shipping default for Default is: Default=Yes
    ; Hide – Control whether addon shows in list of components
    ; Yes=Hide option, uses Default to install or not
    ; No=User can choose to install or not
    ; The shipping default for Hide is: Hide=No
    ; If this addon appears in the client setup for user selection, this is the
    ; name that will appear
    US=Advansys Formativ Runtime
    ; If this addon appears in the client setup for user selection, this is the
    ; description that will appear
    US=Advansys Formativ Runtime provides the ability to run Encoded and eDirectory based Formativ Applets

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