Thanks for the fast reply.

> Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be able to speed this up. When you
> use Remote Mode GroupWise needs to do significantly more work when
> you added a new message to the message store.
> (i.e. it needs to build remote requests and phsically write the
> entry to your remote database).

Ok, I see.
But creating new mail instead is fast!?
Only creating tasks will be slow.

> Depending on the size of your Remote database, this is going
> to take some time.
I have created a new account, just 5 or 6 messages and I used
an account with over 12000 messages.
The time is nearly the same, 4 or 5 seconds in remote, <1 second
in online-mode.

> I’ve had a look at your code, and can’t spot anything that
> looks slow.

I have found that the assignments are slow:

.OnCalendar = TRUE
.Priority = fgwNormal
.AssignedDate = StartDateCtrl.Date
.StartDate = StartDateCtrl.Date
.DueDate = EndDateCtrl.Date

Each line will increase the time for saving very much.
Are you sure it is a problem of OBJAPI or Groupwise?

Is there a way to setup the task with the correct values
bevor saving it into the groupwise messagestore?