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The behaviour of the formativ icons on the 2 types of toolbars (View/Toolbar/Main ticked on and View/Toolbar/Main ticked off) is related to what is set up on startup of GroupWise and whether the person switches between view/toolbar/main ticked on/off in a GroupWise session. I will try and explain to see if you can replicate:

1. toolbar = view/toolbar/main on
2. shut down GroupWise
3. restart GroupWise
4. formativ icons appear and work on view/toolbar/main on
5. change to view/toolbar/main off and no formativ icons appear
6. shut down GroupWise
7. restart GroupWise
8. formativ icons appear and DO NOT work on view/toolbar/main off
9. change to view/toolbar/main on and formativ icons appear and work
10. change to view/toolbar/main off and formativ icons appear and work

I hope this answers your questions in relation to switching view/toolbar/main ticked on/off. The formativ applets always work from the applets menu regardless of whether you have view/toolbar/main ticked on/off.

Can you please explain if this behaviour can be fixed by Advansys or Novell?