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    This is an unusual problem and one which we have not come across previously. According to the GroupWise documentation, the D11B error relates to Too many items in mailbox and it is most strange that it only arises when Formativ is installed. I don’t know yet to what the other error refers, DAX Error: Could not find the folder object.


    Even when we use the same workstation, with the same formative eDirectory configuration but we use another eDirectory user object, every thing works fine (No errors and the applets are running correct).

    When it works, are you logging into another NetWare user and then starting the GroupWise client?

    When the problem occurs, can you still access the About Formativ dialog under GroupWise Help? If so, could you please send us the Formativ configuration information from the Configuration Tab (About Formativ):

    • for the case where the error occurs; and
    • for the case where all appears to work correctly.

    If the configuration information is not accessible when the D11B error occurs, please still send the configuration information for the case where it does work. Please send the information direct to support@advansyscorp.com.

    If you use the Formativ Control Panel Applet to disable eDirectory integration, for example, select Use local applets only on the Protocols tab, does the error still arise when starting the GroupWise client?


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