Well some clue to solve the problem

I’d took a Form which couldn’t be save by Form Designer

– I’d opend it whith Word, add a textedit an a text label in page of a page control and save it by Word
I’d imported it in FormDesigner, news objects are there. If no change, save OK
I’d just move another textlabel, want to change => crash
I’d tried to use with Formativ with usual applet, no problem.
Works with applet and the new Textedit, no problem

By Word, i erase a bitmap in the form to decrease the size => Same problem when i want to save the form by FormDesigner

I think there is/are object(s) in these forms that crash save method.

Have you heard about an object which could case this kind of trouble ?

L.P. Irovetz
ARCANE GroupWare