Support 1a

Hello Sonja,


1) (minor) The appointment only shows up in the recipient’s calendar, but not in the sender’s. This is actually intended behaviour (for us), but we don’t know, why it doesn’t show up in the senders calendar.

I’ve not tried it, but you may need to add the sender as a recipient of the appointment.


2) (major) We try to show all appointments for a specific day in a list with the following code:

GroupWise.Account.Calendar.FindMessages(“(START_DATE = ” & year(FilterDate) & “/” & month(FilterDate) & “/” & day(FilterDate) & ” )”)

I suspect you will need to expand the Find query string to include the box types of the messages you wish to find, i.e. INCOMING and OUTGOING. Object API Query syntax can be quite peculiar, so you may need to play around with this a little.


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