I changed a small Workflow by adding Trace-Messages. So it seems not to be a XML-Issue. I think, it’s a problem with the GW Integration. Because, when i receive the message and i should get an “GW#C#OPEN” Event, Formativ seems not to start.

Here is my sample Code:

Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

1 MsgBox “Trace: Before Select”
select case GWEvent

case “NULL”

2 MsgBox “NULL”
Antrag.fDatum.Text = Date
Antrag.fErsteller.Text = GroupWise.Account.Owner.DisplayName

‘someone opens the message – the GUI will be recreated
case “GW#C#OPEN”

3 MsgBox “Trace: GW#C#OPEN”
set oClient = Client
set iMsg = oClient.ClientState.CommandMessage


Under GW 8 and before: all MSGBOX’s do appear. The first and second appear, when i create the form. The third MSGBOX, when i get the Form (sent before) and the mail will be forwarded to Formativ.

Unter GW 2012: I get the first and second MSGBOX when i create the form. When i open the Mail i sent before, i get no MSGBOX, so i think, that the integration does not work.

Thanks for your Help

Rolf Ziegler