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Thanks for your post.

We have only received few reports about this behaviour and unable to reproduce in-house.

Most likely the issue is environmental and could be relate to loading some specific applet.

Could you please email your Formativ Configuration Information to Support (support@advansyscorp.com). You can access this via the main GroupWise menus: Help | About Formativ. When the ‘About Box’ appears, select the ‘Configuration’ tab. Press the ‘copy to clipboard’ button, then paste the contents of the clipboard into your reply.

You can also use a process of elimination to determine the applet causing this problem. You can move all your Formativ applets to another folder then move one or some applets back to Formativ applets folder to reproduce the behaviour. You will need to restart GroupWise client for each test. You can use the Formativ Control Panel applet (Start – Control Panel – Advansys Formativ – Paths tab) to see the location of applets folder.

Usually applets folder location:

Windows XP: “C:Documents and SettingsUSER-NAMEMy DocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets”.
Windows 7: “C:UsersUSER-NAMEDocumentsAdvansysFormativApplets


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