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    Please see the following thread which solve the issue by re-installing Microsoft Script Host:

    We have included the FileSystemUtils objects in Formativ language (version 2.0 onwards). The FileSystemUtils object provides file system access methods. Some of the cool solution applets was written prior to Version 2.0. These solutions can be modified to use the methods added to the Formativ language. Example, use the FileSystemUtils instead the ‘Scripting.FileSystemObject’. Please note, most of the cool solutions applets are open source. If you have programming skills in house then feel free to modify the solution to your needs.

    Windows Script 5.6 for Windows XP and Windows 2000

    If the problem persists, please post the Formativ configuration. You can obtain the configuration by selecting Help – About Formativ… from the GroupWise main menu. When the About Formativ dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support