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The problem occurs only on some machines.
For the moment here are 8 W2K machines. Two machines have the problem
I installed the program with the Admin account of my NetWare server (Using local dynamic users from ZenWorks 1.1).

I found a solution for the problem.
Its a problem with the local permissions. The directory C:Program FilesAdvansys has only permissions for “normal” user. All my accounts working as power users. I done following:
Login with adminstrator privileges on local machine. I changed the account from poweruser to Administrator.
Login with the modified user account. After starting Groupwise all is fine.
Close the program and login as admin. I removed the admin privileges from the user and set the group permissions to “User” and “Poweruser”.
I add the permissions to the C:Program FilesAdvansys directory (read, execute and file scan).
After a login the normal user account all is fine with the formativ program.

Best regards from Hannover, germany.

Dirk Emmermacher